Paul & Darcy Sharp Ruby Hill Neighborhood
Thank you for restoring our free standing water fountain, we were considering replacing it with a new one as we had given up hope of finding a reputable, experienced fountain restoration person.  When we researched the cost of replacing the fountain we realized it was cost prohibitive, not only the cost of the fountain but the removal and repair work involved given that it is cemented into the middle of our travertine covered patio and has underground piping and electrical.  
Our fountain was painted white and the paint was literally flaking off, there was rusting rebar protruding through the concrete bowls.  We hired a company a year ago to restore the fountain, it looked good for a couple of months and then the rust reappeared and the paint started flaking off worse than it was before we had it repainted.  The pump and the automatic water fill units failed with all of the paint debris in the water clogging them.  This time around we went to the fountain manufacturer and were able to obtain the name of the person they use and recommend for their own fountain repair and restoration work.  
We contacted Dave, discussed his experience, he shared photos of his restoration work, we sent photos of our ailing fountain, he provided us with some color choices, we agreed on the new look we wanted.  Dave then provided a very reasonable quote to restore our fountain.  Within a week we were able to schedule an appointment.  Dave and his associate arrived on time, spent the day sanding, repairing, refinishing, custom painting and then sealing our fountain.   Dave recommended a couple of enhancements for our consideration, when replacing our pump consider a slightly larger one to increase the water flow and replace the unsightly auto fill mechanism with one submerged in the water.  We appreciated both recommendations, no one had mentioned either option to us before.  The cost for the pump and auto fill units were about the same price as we would have spent to replace the original units.  We are very pleased with the look of our restored fountain, the two tone color is aesthetically very pleasing, the increased water flow looks and sounds better, and we are enjoying the beauty of the fountain without seeing the automatic fill mechanism.   
We would highly recommend Dave York, he transformed our unsightly broken down fountain into a beautiful patio centerpiece.  We are truly delighted with Dave's work and his business ethics, he was a pleasure to do business with.  
Best, Anita Gutierrez San Mateo, California
I was very happy to have found Dave York.  I have a fountain that was white and wanted to change the color to a bronze and went to the fountain stores and saw that
they were very expensive.  I had asked the lady in the store if she knew someone who could refinish and paint my fountain and she highly recommended Dave York.
I called Dave York and he came and painted my fountain the bronze color I wanted and I was very happy with his work and would definitely highly recommend him myself now.